• Installation Guide

  • 48V Battery Upgrade

    Applicable Ratings

    Spec Description Value
    Driving Range How far you can ride on a single charge 30.6 miles (49.24km)*
    Charge Time (Typical) Charging time from 0-100% utilizing standard charger 10.5 hours
    Charge Time (Fast) Charging time from 0-100% utilizing fast charger 5.25 hours

    Component Ratings

    Spec Description Value
    Capacity The total capacity of the battery pack 21AH (21,000 mAh) - 1008Wh
    Voltage Typical voltage of the battery pack 48V
    Max Voltage Maximum voltage of the battery pack 54.6V
    Max Charging Current Maximum continuous charge input of the battery pack 12A (fuse limited)
    Cell Configuration The 18650 cell config of the battery pack 13s6p
    Cell Count The 18650 cell count of the battery pack 78pc
    Cell Type The cell brand of the battery pack NCR18650GA SANYO
    Maximum Discharge Rate The maximum peak discharge current of the battery pack 60A (50A fuse limited)
    BMS Configuration The BMS board rating of the battery pack 150A Smart, programmable BMS
    Physical Dimensions The physical dimensions of the battery pack in mm 431.8mm x 114.3mm x 68.58 mm
    Approx. Physical Weight The approximate physical weight of the battery pack 10.3 lbs (4.67kg)
    Discharge Connector The discharge wire of the battery pack XT60 FEMALE 12AWG
    Charge Connector The charge wire of the battery pack DC 5.5 * 2.1 mm 12AWG

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this modification harm my scooter?

    No! This modification is completely safe for your scooter and it's internal component integrity. Our battery comes equipped with a smart BMS that is programmed to meet the G30 controller's needs during enhanced operation, as well as a failsafe 50A protective fuse that prevents your controller from receiving an unsafe level of current at any point during use.

    How easy is it to install?

    Super easy. It's as easy as unscrewing the baseplate, unscrewing and unplugging the original battery, and placing/connecting your upgraded battery. You can view our installation guide by clicking here.

    Does the battery include a charger?

    Of course! A standard 2A compatible slow-charger is included in the package - although we also offer a 5A fast charger that cuts your charging time in half.