Product Authentication Guide

by Nordium

The recent uproar in popularity of our original "48V System" related products has also brought along a lot of bad actors. Our product ideas being copied with no attribution to our engineers and testers, slanderous comments and fabricated versions of NordBot products being portrayed in a bad light on various competitor-run online forums, and other related unacceptable behavior.

Below, you can view our guide to identifying genuine versions of our most popular product, the 48V Upgraded Battery.
If you have any specific questions, comments, or concerns - please contact us and we'll respond to you within 24 business hours.


All product testing has been completed by a third-party in a controlled lab environment.
Random product samples were chosen for testing.
NordBot has no control over these results, nor can anyone affiliated modify them.

[CLICK ME] Battery Cell Specification/Testing Sheet

[CLICK ME] Battery Cell OEM Manufacturer Invoice / Aug.

[CLICK ME] Battery Cell OEM Manufacturer Invoice / Feb.

[CLICK ME] Lab Environment Product Analysis


If you know of any third-parties claiming to be NordBot, or selling self-proclaimed "authentic NordBot products",
please report it to our Customer Care team here.

a. Identifiable QR Codes

Each 48V Upgraded Battery arrives with a custom QR code, which can identify a NordBot product as authentic immediately. If you suspect that your battery is counterfeit, the QR Code is the first thing you should present to our Customer Care team.

b. Correct Failsafe Properties

Each 48V Upgraded Battery arrives with both a 50A thermal fuse on the discharge line, and a 12A thermal fuse on the charge line.
Batteries without these properties are NOT official product of NordBot.

c. Red Color Battery PVC

Each 48V Upgraded Battery arrives with a distinct "red gradient" color.
NordBot has not produced any blue 48V Upgraded Battery Packs for nearly 1 year now, and there are few out in the world today.
Any battery that is not red is instantly NOT official product of NordBot.

However, even if a battery is red, it doesn't automatically make it an official NordBot product.
Other factors must be considered before determining authenticity, such as the other information included in this guide.