Charging Option Information

For the 48V Upgraded Battery, there are two recommended ways to set up the charging experience that you can choose from to best fit
your specific use case.

The stock internal charging brick and included Max charging cable do not function with our 48V modification due to the voltage difference, therefore we offer two main solutions for a seamless and easy recharging experience.

Option #1
Upon receiving your 48V Upgraded Battery, you can use wire cutters or a similar electrical-grade tool to strip the default charging connector that the battery will arrive with and connect the charge input wires of the battery directly to the scooter's stock charging port assembly.

Direct connection of the battery's charge input wires is neccessary for this option, and this can be done via:

  • Soldering
  • Crimp Connectors

  • If you're interested in performing Option 1,
    our 5A Fast Charger product is required
    as a new compatible connector is
    needed for this setup.

    Option #2
    Upon receiving the 48V Upgraded Battery,
    you can drill a hole through the original stock port assembly and mount the new connector that the
    included 2A "Slow" charger
    is compatible with in the place of the old port's spot. This can be done with a drill, glue, and patience.

    This solution is only recommended for users who enjoy DIY/creative independent work, and users who are willing to sacrifice their scooter's
    stock charging form factor integrity.


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