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  • 48V Upgrade Kit Installation Guide

    The following tutorial will walk you through the installation process of your newly received
    48V Upgraded Battery on your Ninebot MAX G30
    electric scooter.


    Here's what you'll need:

    1. Security Torx T15 Bit

    2. Heat-resistant foam

    3. To follow each step of this guide in order



    In order for the new battery to be recognized by your scooter, you must upload our proprietary custom firmware file to it before initially connecting the
    48V Upgraded Battery.

    Step 1: Download the appropriate companion app for your preferred mobile device.

    Click here for Android

    Click here for iOS

    Step 2: Download the custom firmware file onto the device you're using to upload it to the scooter.

    Step 3: Watch the video below and follow the process of uploading the file to your scooter.



      Step 1: Grab a Security Torx T15 Allen Key and flip your scooter upside down.

      Step 2: Unscrew the 18x screws that are holding the plastic baseplate onto the frame.

      Step 3: Unplug all of the existing connectors that are holding the existing OEM battery in.

      Step 4: Unscrew the 10x hex bolts that are holding the OEM battery onto the frame of the enclosure and remove the OEM battery from the enclosure.

      Step 5: Unplug and unscrew the internal charging brick that is located closest to the rear wheel inside of the enclosure, and remove it completely.

      Step 6: Place the Upgraded 48V Battery inside of the enclosure, and connect the yellow XT60 connector to the Control Board.

      If you're having fitment issues, it would best to unscrew the Control Board and place it up against the wall of the enclosure that's closest to the rear wheel.


      Step 1:
      Use heat-resistant foam to fill the empty space on both sides of the 48V Upgraded Battery
      and ensure that no components are free to rattle around inside of the enclosure.

      For extra stability, we highly recommend using double-sided adhesive tape on the bottom of the
      48V Upgraded Battery to hold it down
      inside of the scooter's enclosure.

      Step 2:
      After the 48V Upgraded Battery is connected to the scooter, turn on the dashboard as normal (utilizing the button on the screen) and press the throttle down.
      Ensure that there are no objects blocking the rotation of the rear wheel before performing.

      If your scooter's motor spins, then you're all set!

      If not, contact us - we're always happy to help you one-on-one.

      Step 4:
      Line the plastic baseplate up that you removed in Section 2, Step 3
      and screw the 18x screws back in utilizing the
      Security Torx T15 Allen Key.

      Setting up Charging

      To visit our guide on the best methods for setting up recharging with the 48V Upgrade, please click here.

      • Charging Article

      • 4. THINGS TO NOTE

        Make sure that your tires are pumped up to 40-50PSI.
        Always use the same pressure in both tires.
        More pressure = more speed | Less pressure = more comfort

        Check your bolts.
        Tightening brakes or a folding mechanism never hurt anyone.

        Voltage = speed.
        Available top speed is directly correlated to how much charge you have remaining in your battery.
        Fully charging your battery will yield optimal results.

        "Beer" by Christian F.